Posted by: John | November 15, 2007

Local Transport Bill fine print

My colleague Cllr Dave White, transport Exec member for Stockport MBC, has done his forensic sleuthing and found the following (which i copy from his response to `about me` on this blog):

`Has anyone noticed that the new Local Transport Bill allows the Government to control the Franchises through appointed Approval Boards (Clause21)?

Also there is a provision to only have a “Majority of Accountable Elected Members” on Integrated Transport Authorities by Regulation. This means that in Greater Manchester for instance the Greater Manchester Passenger Authority could go down to 17 Councillor of the 33 Members.
Yet another attack on Local Democracy and accountability, just when they are giving them Congestion Charge powers. No coincidence there then! (Clause 72 (3))`

The point i’d like to make is:

1) Who’s appointing these extra people?

2) How do we get rid of them if they are not up to the job?

3) Where will it all end? Appointed people to sit in Council Chambers?

You may laugh – i wouldn’t put ANYTHING past this Government


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