Posted by: John | November 15, 2007

It’s time to ask Lord Carlile: Are you with us or agin us?

I understand why the Government would like to include people like Lord Carlile as an `Independent` reviewer of terrorism legislation.

My argument though is whether people in this position should forgo their party membership.

To be honest I’m sick and tired of hearing him going on about going over 28 days. What I’m also sick and tired of is the way it allows lazy journalists to say he’s a Liberal Democrat peer. You’re either working in a capacity as an Independent reviewer and ensure that the media make that clear at every opportunity or you don’t do the job at all.

Someone at the top of our party should get a grip!

Too many of us forgo opinions when in elected roles etc for the sake of the wider party – yet this guy gets away with murder.



  1. Why should he have to give up his party membership just because his views don’t match yours or what you perceive to be Party policy?

  2. Because he doesn’t ensure that the media state that he is acting in an independent role.

    You either speak as the independent reviewer or as a party member. Even if it’s not his fault that the media say he’s a Lib Dem peer – the question has to be asked `does he go out of his way to ask them to refrain from mentioning his party political colours`,

  3. He is being used as a tool of Govt policy.

    He should not be appearing in the media or quoted by Govt as a supporter of a policy that we oppose and has therefore put himself outside of the party’s whip.

    An extension in the number of days is also a fundamentally illiberal position but he seems to have lost an understanding of that years ago.

    What would our 2 Leadership candidates do on this matter, if in charge?

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