Posted by: John | November 15, 2007

Emergency: Defend the flag of freedom

Am I the only person scared, worried, angry about the attack on our liberties that are happening in this country?

Just listened to the wonderful Shami Chakrabati from Liberty and hearing her talk about `salami slicing our liberties`.

She’s concerned that there’s developing a `permanent state of emergency` and that axioms are being presented as truths to change the agenda and create a bias towards nu Labour, or indeed any Government, in an orwellian way.

Lord Carlile is saying that there is too much politics going on around the 28 days – well I wonder who started the politicisation of it – step forward Nu Labour.

I then read, and I have to add caution as it’s from the Daily Mail, that there are to be 53 questions to be asked to travellers – I note from their website that some of them are obvious yet we seem to be going down the US neocon  route with authorities looking at email accounts and taking details of credit cards.

Nick and Chris – Let’s have a joint definitive statement about these issues – I note Nick made a quote already in that paper.


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