Posted by: John | November 12, 2007

Ed Miliband – the new spinning longshotter!

I was amused to hear Ed Miliband state that we now have a `new government` – erm, when was the election for it?

Either you have a leader that has been at the tiller for ten years and say you’re carrying on with that agenda or you slog it out in an election and state that now there’s a Labour majority you have a new government.

As usual, nu Labour want it both ways!



  1. Technically I believe he is correct. A new government comes into power not as the result of an election but as a result of the Queen asking a member of parliament to form a government. So when Blair resigned, the Queen asked Brown to form a government, which he did.

    It is therefore a new government, the problem is it is indistinguishable from the old one…

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