Posted by: John | November 11, 2007

Final results

First preferences:
Chris Davies 1683
Saj Karim 637
Helen  Foster Grime

Flo Clucas

Sue Maguire

 Qassim Afzal

N Corlett
M Clayton
P Hurst

S Cooke

After transfers the order of candidates is
1, Chris Davies
2, Saj Karim
3, Helen Foster Grime
4, Flo Clucas
5, Sue Maguire
6, Qassim Afzal
7, N Corlett
8, M Clayton
9, S Cooke
Chris Davies was elected to first place on the first round. Saj Karim was elected to second place.

Seems the difference was wider between Helen and Flo.



  1. These are NOT the final results. A recount is pending because of the closeness of the position between 3rd and 4th place. The recount will take place on 22nd November. An announcement of the result will be made as soon as possible thereafter

    Jonathan Davies
    Senior Returning Officer

  2. The result for the NW is not as shown on the blog. The initial difference between second and third place was 1.05 votes, which upon recount went to 2.05. This happened as I and many other members sat looking at the useless ballots that had arrived too late to be used. Following on from the fiasco of the ballot, in which hundreds of L postcode members -including 4 members from my house – were denied a vote, or never received one, and the inability of the party to acknowledge its responsibility in this matter, I withdrew from the selection process. I did so, in order to protest at the party’s lack of understanding of the ‘one member, one vote’ principle. We were told that there was a 57% turn out in the NW and that made everything all right! However, I understand that only 1 in 15 members in L postcodes received their ballots in time to vote. The level of turnout is immaterial in this case. How can we, as a party, criticise the Scottish election fiasco, when we allow this to happen in our own party? Everyone knew – indeed e mails flashed from members in the NW to the RO and Cowley Stsaying that there was a problem, for weeks! Alternative suggestions as to voting arrangements were put, but were not taken up.
    Why then don’t I ask for a reballot? The answer is simple – any such request will see the candidates as the problem, rather than the party’s processes. Any candidate who asks for a reballot and gets one, loses votes. The party should have been big enough to do what was right. The only protest I can therefore make to support those hundreds of disenfranchised members, is to withdraw and not have my name linked to a flawed process. I wish those who are standing the best of luck. I have no quarrel with any of them and thank Chris for his support in this. Flo Clucas

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