Posted by: John | November 9, 2007

NW Region: Will all hell break loose tomorrow?

The ballots will be counted at the ERS tomorrow afternoon for the NW Region.

So far 7% of the potential electorate haven’t received ballots! These include two of the candidates, Saj Karim and Flo Clucas.

With local knowledge it doesn’t take a political genius to work out that the two front runners are Chris Davies and Saj Karim. Should Chris Davies come top of the poll, and thus top of the list, Saj’s team could cry foul as one of the areas in which they’re strong have had a lot of ballots missing.

Chris Davies and Flo Clucas could also feel aggrieved as a lot of the other `lost` voters in the Liverpool area could be considered as Chris/Flo 1 and 2 (two combinations). As there has to be a woman in the top 3 if Flo isn’t the top woman by a small margin then it is certain she could raise a complaint.

Apparently Cowley Street and the ERS are happy with this arrangement! – could you imagine what would happen if a Lib Dem Council just disenfrachised a few polling districts in a Constituency? The press would raise merry hell.

What should have happened is fresh ballot papers sent out to Liverpool and Nelson and all those areas that have had 100% non-delivery with a piece of paper to sign by the voter to declare that they haven’t sent a ballot before. The areas could easily be validated as `lost` by the RO testing it out with calls to potential voters to those areas.

Apparently the ERS are happy – that’s not the point – IS THE PARTY HAPPY ABOUT THIS? SHOULD THERE BE PAID PROFESSIONAL ROs? 

There could be tears before bedtime!



  1. As far as I am aware NONE of our members (Crewe & Nantwich) have received ballot papers. Where does the 9% figure come from? It’s remarkably precise!

    And nobody in the party hierarchy seems too bothered!

    Err, no!

    Struggling to understand a) how that could possibly help and b) where you propose to find the funds from. But read Liberal Bureaucracy for a fuller & more eloquent explanation by Mark Valladares.

  3. […] seems that any local Liberal Democrat calls for electoral reform should perhaps start with their own internal ballots. […]

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