Posted by: John | November 7, 2007

Is Chris being a bit naughty?

I only ask as I read on his site:

`Please note that if you registered to support Chris’ leadership campaign in 2006, you will already be registered on this site and there is no need to do so again`.

Er-herm – is it automatically certain that those that voted for Chris in an election under very different circumstances would automatically do so again? I know of a couple of his 2006 voters who are going to vote for Nick also a couple whom are undecided. I wonder if their names are on Chris’s list?



  1. Er… like his agent Stephen Williams MP
    Huhne last time Clegg this time…

  2. No. I registered in 2006. But it wasn’t until I confirmed my registration again this time that I received confirmation and appeared on the scroll on the top right hand side of the web site. I think it drew the main details from my previous registration, but it definetely needed my confirmation.

  3. I suspect that I am one of them and I am not impressed. I was one of the earlier declarers for Nick this time round.

    I’m not sure what the data protection laws are regarding this but I’ve not been advised that his campaign team still hold that data from 2006, are using it in this campaign and if they are then they have not given me the opportunity to opt out…..

  4. In fact there are rather a lot of us who voted for Chris last time but are voting for Nick now. Blogger Mark Valladares (Faceless Bureaucrat) is a good recent example.

  5. Answer: No. They are not listed as supporters. They will get e-mails, though, which they can opt out of easily.

  6. I think it’s semantics – I was interpreting `on this site` as meaning exactly that.

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