Posted by: John | November 7, 2007

Grumpy guide to politicians: complaint

Just sent another complaint to the BBC about anti Lib Dem bias vis a vis the `Grumpy guide to politicians` that was aired yesterday 11:15 BBC 2.

It was basically a load of Labour stooge `celebrities` including Mariela Frostrup rubbishing the Lib Dems with the Conservatives represented by Steve Norris and Anne Widdecombe (say no more) but it’s not my job to fight their corner.

All the usual cliches were trotted out – they’re wet, limp, nice, have no policies etc etc.

I’ve suggested to the BBC that Mariela (whom I admire as a radio presenter) actually meet some Lib Dems (if she can stomach it).

What gets on my goat is that there are these posh celebrities with cosy middle class lifestyles who feel that Labour can assuage their guilt at being posh and monied without actually having to visit anywhere where the less affluent survive.

Sure you can read it in books – but that’s not the same as actually BEING THERE!

So if Mariela is reading this, or anyone that knows her, please feel free to contact me here and we’ll do as I suggested to the man at the BBC – a whole programme about Liberal Democrats and the tough, effective action that they take in Councils as well as the bitter angry stuff that goes on.


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