Posted by: John | November 5, 2007

Frank Field fears Clegg

As reported on BBC and in the media Frank Field has said the following:

“Many of our side think that if [Lib Dem leadership candidate] Nick Clegg wins then that will actually take votes off Cameron because he looks like Cameron,” he said.

“But if our despondency continues, and that’s why this Queen’s Speech is so important – that we get out of this rut – it might actually be Labour votes that Nick Clegg takes, that he’s the sort of nice guy the Labour voting public might actually decide to back.

“If there’s any flakiness in the vote, the flakiness might be on our side, which brings us back again to what our vision’s about,” he said.



  1. As ever Frank Field is more perceptive than many of his colleagues. Still not sure if I will be voting for Nick or Chris though.

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