Posted by: John | November 2, 2007

Liverpool disenfranchised: Rennard sort it!

It’s sad to see that the whole of Liverpool has been disenfranchised due to the postal strike (along with a few other places) from voting for the MEP list here – not least because one of the candidates could be disenfranchised herself! Since the top three has to have at least one woman it could mean that a result could be flawed.

What should have happened in good time was for ballot papers to go out again to those particular postcodes attaching a sheet for people to sign saying they haven’t voted in the election so far. This would have to be done by a seperate service to the Royal Mail.

This farcical situation is due to the fact that we need to further professionalise the party and actually PAY for our RO’s. For example, the one for Stockport Constituency was excellent though he is paid on an expenses only basis.

Rennard, SORT IT!


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