Posted by: John | November 1, 2007

The woman packing her kids off to school

Jeremy Hargreaves in his blog illustrates very well Chris’s short-comings. It seems that for someone who is supposed to get the intellectuals vote not enough thinking or research had been done on the policy of Trident. In the hope of making a quick headline has Chris let himself down by panicing in the face of Nick Clegg?

I’ve decided that who’ll get my vote will be the candidate who can properly engage ordinary people with mainstream Liberal thinking. In short, how they come across to a liberal-inclined voter or non-voter (shock horror!) on lower and middle incomes. It’s these people that we need to attract where i live in Stockport Constituency.

I want to know who that largely `non-political` person would consider in the competition for votes when they listen to R4 today prog as they pack their kids off to school; the independent-minded computer geek consultant newly esconsed on the northern terraces; the social entrepreneur living in a semi; the mother taking her kids to Sure Start and trying to hold down a job; the single male administrator who can’t get on the housing ladder.

All these people I’ve met as i’ve canvassed in Central Stockport wards. All these people we need to attract in the competition for votes.

Too often we have looked at things in our own little bubble or `club` – Charles Kennedy gave us a taste of how it could be by reaching out – we need to go further.

So far Nick wins hands down. He looks a leader with sufficient gravitas AND FIREPOWER.


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