Posted by: John | October 31, 2007

Liberal Revolution

I’m flummoxed that Chris Huhne has decided to name his manifesto the same as my own blog – I won’t flatter myself in thinking that he copied it though! Seriously, top marks for trying.

The problem is as ever connecting with ordinary people away from the Liberal cognoscenti.

Both in my view have serious manifestos – that’s never the problem. The problem is communicating it over the heads of the media to Joe and Joanna Soap.

It’s great that the race is producing ideas and candidates are being made to think on their feet – like a General Election campaign!

I still feel that it’s a case of who dares wins.

I’m looking at Nick’s credit record since Ming resigned:

a) Reached out to widen the base by writing an article for the Telegraph

b) Reached out to widen the base in a different direction with the ID cards idea

I think the militancy idea may catch on with other people – it’s about time we were Liberal militants and revolutionaries!


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