Posted by: John | October 29, 2007

I’ve complained of anti-lib dem bias

Just a tiny pebble in the ocean but I’m becoming incensed by the anti Liberal Democrat bias that has emerged at the BBC.

It seems to have happened very recently and needs to be nipped in the bud.

Today Alan Beswick on his phonein show said `just supposing the almost unimaginable thing that the Lib Dems got into power and Vince Cable became Prime Minister – do you think he’d boycott or allow other party leaders to boycott the Saudi King`

I pointed out that if something’s unimaginable then those can hardly be asked to answer the question. I also said no one asks ` in the unimaginable situation that the Conservatives were the third party would they boycott the Saudi King`.

Note also that they allow Iain Dale to debate with Derek Draper who both diss the Lib Dems (when there’s not a Lib Dem blogger there). 



  1. I agree that the BBC give the Lib Dems a hard time – but is this a symptom or the cause of our problems?

    In any kind of world that made sense, in a world where normal liberal people looked to the Liberal Democrat party as their natural home, the BBC’s response to us would be entirely different.

    There are some changes that could be made at the BBC that would help: A lib dem on This Week, for example, would be a start…

  2. It’s hardly untrue though, is it? Under the present (or any) electoral system a party commanding under 20% of the vote won’t secure a majority in the House of Commons!

    Think that this is more of a symptom than a cause. To the outsider the party has not exactly covered itself in glory for nearly 2 years now, if not longer

  3. The point is that it’s unfair to ask the question as if the Lib Dems would be in Government and say it’s almost unimaginable.

    Why bring up the last two years – we’re talking about news – that means new!

    It seems that if anything bad happens that’s taken as an equal value with something good as if it’s all equal exposure.

    Instead of sniping from the sidelines Beswick could have said `why didn’t the Conservatives do the same`?

  4. Er, the next week on the same programme they had a Labour woman and a LibDem candidate for London Mayor. Should I now write in to complain to?

  5. Yes you should.

  6. It’s an easy question to answer though, unimaginable or not. As Prime Minister Vince would not have invited the Saudis to tea at the Palace, so the question of boycott is moot.

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