Posted by: John | October 25, 2007

The fruits of labour

One of the things that I don’t think we get a grip on is the unequal nature of political idea `banking` in this country. We are constantly owed credit by other parties.

It couldn’t be any clearer than the IHT and non-dom policy statements first  being pilfered by the Conservatives then crying Thief when stolen by Labour.

It’s not the theft that is so important – the currency of ideas is pretty fluid – just the way that the democratic system itself doesn’t allow a corrective element by way of a non-corrupt free press (by that i mean one that hasn’t financial or political interests paramount in its mind) or a democratic electoral system.

The point is that Labour often steal ideas from us nationally then conspire with the Conservatives as if it’s only the two of them that are thinking about this idea in this `cosy consensus`. Thus, the only correcting instrument is that of Liberal Democrat Councils or Scottish/Welsh assemblies.

So, I’m looking for a leader who is nimble of feet politically who’ll not only talk with our  local leaders in a two-way conversation but will also raise our head above the parapet to communicate effectively to ordinary people.

This is why the communication is so important. Although we need to keep the press onside (even `Murdochia`) we also need to speak to people directly above the heads of the press and media. It’s a gargantuan task – let the battle begin to see who can do that most effectively.


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