Posted by: John | October 24, 2007

Nick Clegg is just right, right, right

From Nick Clegg’s speech at NLC 

 `…. there must be a radical transfer of powers and resources from central government to local government. This is a vital step in reversing the stifling grip of Whitehall-centred Government.

… crucially, we must move to create a sense of daily empowerment in the way in which people use public services. Our objective isn’t simply to bring power closer to people. It is to give power to people.` Great – this is what i want to hear.

We need to flesh out those bones though! I want to hear how we’re going to speed up the policy making process to get there – in short are we willing to go outside our comfort zones and `say the unsayable and think the unthinkable`. That’s what will lift poll ratings. 


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