Posted by: John | October 22, 2007

Ask the candidates

No doubt the candidates will be travelling up and down the country to Hustings etc.

However, what I want to know is what other bloggers/readers think should be the issues/questions they want to ask.

1. On internal party matters – ie development of policy

2. On the issues facing voters – what do THEY think

I’ll kick off:

1. The relationship between local and national government

2. Immigration – how can we relate our policies to ordinary people and how are we going to develop them.  



  1. Good idea. What I want to get from the candidates is some clear policy ideas. We all want to live in a more liberal world, we all hate the Tories and we all think Labour can’t be trusted. I would like a ‘wish list’ from both of them on what they want to do. Specifics, mind, not just aspiration.

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