Posted by: John | October 17, 2007

Tose Proeski RIP

I was sad to see the death of the popular Balkan ethnic turbo folk singer.

Readers of this blog will find out that i’m a Eurovisionista – ethnicturbofolk is the Balkan/Eastern European crossover pop/ethnic fusion genre.

Tose, a beautiful 26 year old man, died in a car crash earlier this morning in Croatia.

He sang `Life` in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.



  1. Just a correction – he was not a turbo folk singer, he was a pop musician.


  3. Nobody’s denying he was a great singer, full of passion and served his country well.

    We will have to agree to disagree on whether or not we see his music as ethnicturbo (which i thought was perceived as a kind of pop music anyway) suffice to say we both enjoy that sort of music and hurrah! to that.

  4. Just a correction… his was a pop-musician. Toshe never sang turbofolk songs. In any case, his singing was extraordinarily beautiful.

  5. He was great pop singer,prince of music with voice like an angel.
    Above all he was a BIG HUMAN! He saves many lifes,children and fortuneless people.He was always with beautiful smile on his face,he had VERY VERY BIG HEART!!!
    I will always love you Tose!!!!!!!!!!!!You live in my heart!!!

  6. he had a voice of an angel… His music was pop, beautiful pop. So please, let him rest in peace and stop putting him in the category of kitsch. Its a big insult for me as his fan but even bigger for his great name. Please

  7. He was also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and toured the Balkans to promote humanitarian projects!
    We are still shocked.Before 2 weeks he had greatest humanitarian concert in Skopje-Macedonia and I was there…I can’t believe

  8. Beautiful pop, turbofolk – whatever you call it his music was his music – and music i need to get to know more fully given these comments.

    I guess it’s context – pop as a term in Britain is more derided than ethnicturbo!

    Whatever his music is better than the usual boyband/girlband stuff.

  9. He studied singing at Skopje Music Academy and in New York.He was profesional opera singer!You can see his greatest performance of song Aria with italian singer Gianna Nannini >>>

  10. He was an ANGEL that walked on the earth. Listen to his songs, see his pictures and you will understand. You don’t have to understand our language, just listen! Our country mourns, and I think we will mourn until we die and see and listen him again.

  11. hi wasn’t a folk singer!!!!he was a pop singer
    he was most beautiful angel ever like all from Balcan from where I am.He was a great person with big heart too.he helped in a curch building
    so sad…so hard to say anything….
    rest in peace Tose you know that we still love you and we will sing your songs always!

  12. Hello!!! He was gorgeous & his voice was heaven!!!

  13. I LOVE YOU TOSE!!! So sad you’re gone:((( It’s not fair that god would end your life so early.

  14. Correct, he was a pop-singer, however, lately he inclined to including rock elements, and he said it himself, rock music was his first love.

    I tried to give a meaning to this all, trying not go crazy from crying. The date is October 19, I have slept 6-7 hours in total since the accident. I don’t think anyone can sleep. In this moment they are showing one of his concerts on TV and I can’t stop crying. No one can. This is just too much. Nothing will ever be the same in Macedonia.

    One must fill one’s life with goodness, good deeds that would give a meaning to one’s life. Tose did so much good, that God decided it is enough, so much good coming from a mortal human being. So God decided it is time for Tose’s mission on Earth to come to an end.
    Rest in peace Tose, You will be in our hearts forever.

  15. toj bese angel site go sakaa jas go sakam no ni go zema gospod te sakame tose so tebe sme pocivaj vo mir

  16. I still don’t belive it! I just can’t let him go out of my mind, out of my heart and out of this life. I’m angry, angry to death. I remember his first performance in Montenegro like it was yesterday. From the day I heard ”Tajno moja” I just can’t imagine my life without that voice. So it doesn’t matter what kind of a siger he was. He was the greatest.
    I’m crying all the time. I’ve tryied not to think, I’ve tried to sleep but it’s impossible. Yesterday I walked alone all day around the town trying to calm down but nothing.
    This life is a piece of shit, it takes a lot of years to create life and to build a beautifull person, to be kind and nice to all, to make a good thinks and than someone upstairs just decide to take you away. Just like that in one moment. But why him? Who are you to make that choise? God? God is not suppose to make people suffer and taking him away you turned all of us in pain. And if each of us who love you can give a one moment of our lives you would live a million years!
    Tose I love you! I will never forget you! You live in my heart as long as I live!

    Rest in peace my angel and take care of us from heaven like you allways do!

  17. With all due respect, but correction to all of you, dear friends – Tose was not a singer – Tose was an artist, a mature and extremely talented and solid musician; an educated musician, not only a singer. As someone even said – he was not an artist, but a masterpiece. Rest in peace, our dear Tose. And our most sincere THANK-YOU.

  18. What does it matter what sort of a singer he was… It’s all music, and we all feel like listening to something different sometimes..
    I heard him sing a pop song and he was fantastic!
    I heard him sing an old Macedonian folk song, and he was extraordinary! And the tune broke my heart, and I couldn’t get it out of my head..
    His music united! And that’s all that matters..
    Bless you Tose, may you rest in peace, may your legacy live forever

  19. Listening to his music on the album ‘Rainbow’ is a whole different experience now. You get goosebumps every time you hear the music on this album.

    Rest In Peace Tose.

  20. Toshe was the greatest person I have ever known. Rest in peace zlatno dete nobody will ever forget you. I know that even my doughter, age of 4, will sing your songs when she grows up. Macedonia lost its soul.
    We will love you forever our most precious angel

  21. His beautiful smile is always in front of my eyes.
    I am 33 but I know that during my life, no one like him will be born on Balkan… maybe in 100 years from this day… just maybe…
    Nothing will ever be the same not only in Macedonia but in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and even out of exYu…
    He was the Macedonian national treasure but we all adored him and we all crying … my parents cried too (they are 75 years old) and everybody I know… all generations, all countries where he ever sang… pain, tears, sadness…
    I even had to take a sedative because I felt a terrible pain in my chest.
    I thought that people like him can’t die… 😦
    Rest in peace Tose

  22. I agree with Lizzie – i know i offended some people but no offence was meant. I apologise for that.

    I think it’s important that we look at our different vernaculars or labels (a fast-developing subject in music matters!) and just ask where they fit in with each others hierarchies.

  23. Tose was our hope, proud, energy, light, happyness, tresure…Macedonia without you is nothing.
    Maybe you’re not between us, but YOU LIVE IN US.
    Tose we love you, you’re wonderful. God send you to bas us. You are MESSIAH.
    Rest in peace our angel and protect us and your country Macedonia.

  24. I was shoked when I heard it on the news and still am . Just a month ago he came to town of Soko Banja and held a concert and as always he was briliant and amazing and people from ordience were shouting TOSE WE LOVE YOU TOSE WE LOVE YOU and giving him hart shaped cushions it made me very emotional how special he made it giving the autographs to everyone and singing with his voice of an angel.
    Pocivaj u miru Tose

  25. We all feel sorry to lose a treasure, a national treasure. I live in Palestine and felt an enormous pain to see this unique person and artist go away..
    His songs will always light my way, the memories will never fade away..
    Rest in peace, we all love you..

  26. Tose was one of a kind. He was exceptionally talented, charismatic, energetic and passionate about music. He sang from his heart and people “felt’ his songs, his love . His music moved frontiers. And he used his talent to help those in need. He truly was an ANGEL. Now the title of his album “Sinot Bozji” makes sense.
    .I think his death is not only an irreparable loss to his fans but to humanity as a whole. The world will never see anything like him again , ever.

    RIP Tose, you’ll forever live in our hearts.

  27. if only i could turn back time……..

  28. only just heard of him 2day luv him anyway such a good singer and wish i could hav heard more of him so sad 2 hear he died

  29. He was the greatest singer in the balcans…..Italian singer Gianna Naninni said:,,Pavarotti should take music lessons from Tose Proeski”
    on this link you can download his discography…all his albums from 2004 till today

  30. John I know no offence was meant, but we dont consider turbofolk much of a music. He was schooled in opera singing and he seng pop, with rock elements lately. what you might have confused with turbo folk is the old ethnic Macedonian music we are all proud of, so much different than the turbo trash. Look for Zajdi Zajdi on YouTube, you will see the difference.

    Don’t wanna rubb your face on what you wrote, but it did hurt me a lot. So I had to post.


  31. omg,I’m in pain,yesterday with my boyfriend listened rainbow together and we cried for can’t imagine my pain,and I can’t imagine his parents pain.You people who never were able to see his parents,them two are the most kind and unselfish persons in the world.They share Toshe with us,and now we all share the same pain.This is the biggest tragedy in MACEDONIA,and Ex-YU.lets pray for his parents and My TOSHE,rest in peace,be my angel gardian

  32. I haven’t been fun of Toshe at all, but I’ve been so stressed with all things that happened. I m afraid I m getting obsessed with him. In 6 days after the tragedy i still feel the same, some kind of depression, pain in my heart, no joy, like he was somebody i know all my life ….Now i can listen to his songs, see his picture, read something about him without starting to cry, but with feeling so…I don’t know… Why it happens to good ones? Still can’t believe…And hope all this is one big lie, and that somebody will just say ‘I was kidding’…
    TOSHE, rest in peace and hope u found a better place up there…

  33. And we still can`t believe it. At least i can`t. I used to believe that one has to do good on earth, have respect for the others in order to have long and rewarding life. Not any more. Now i think earth is just a filter. The finest goes thro first. I feel like half of my heart left with him. I will love you forever, Tose, we all will. May you sing with the angels.

  34. Toshe was an angel that walked the Earth. I always loved him, but I never knew just how much, till he died. I still can’t belive, and I still hope that all of this is just a bad dream, and that I will wake up soon realizing that he’s alive, and preparing for another tour. I know that won’t happen. And it hurts so much. It hurts to listen to his song, it hurts to watch him on TV….everything hurts. He was an extraordinary man. A man with great heart. Someone once said that he always spoke of love and nice things, he never spoke of materialism and the uglyness of the world. He wanted to make a change…and he did, he made it. He made a big change in this cruel world. He united the people with his songs, he helped the helpless, he spoke of love, and gave a lot of love. He had a voice of a true angel…because he was AN ANGEL. Rest in Peace Toshe, you will always stay in our hearts. We love you.

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