Posted by: John | October 17, 2007

It’s Liberal Democrats you f’ing jerk

Has anyone else noticed the way Brown is so disrespectful by saying `The Liberals` at PMQ etc instead of the Liberal Democrats.

Whoever I think can succeed in standing up for our party and giving him a right good pasting over issues such as this will get my vote in the leadership election.

It’s Liberal DEMOCRATS Brown, you tosser, GET IT!



  1. Sadly its a common occurance Michael Connarty did the same about me in Hustings until I pulled him up in my response that I had never been a member of the Liberal Party.

  2. Sadly it is one of those things people use to insult us. Look at Conservatives/Tories; the latter can be spat out in connection to all sorts (Those Tories in the 80s; those Tories in their private firms…). Just as “Liberal” can be used this way (those liberals with their leaflets, those liberals with their preaching…).

    If nothing else, I’m sure the two dozen or so people who remain in the Liberal Party are getting a bit sick of the “false publicty” the name’s use is giving them!

    We’d settle for “LibDems”, Gordy 🙂

  3. Traditionally parties have been named by their adversaries. Neither “Tories” nor “Whigs” picked their own names.

    Besides,”Liberal” is the more meaningful part of the party’s name, so you should be thankfull, that Brown isn’t calling you “Democrats”. And, as an independent, floating voter I think the more short and pithy “Liberals” would be far more appealing than the longer “Liberal Democrats” or the unfortunate abbreviation “Lib Dems”.

  4. That’s not the point – it’s what we choose to call ourselves. If you worked with someone called Tabitha i think they’d resent being called `Tabby` (except with their sayso).

    It’s an unequal thing though as Labour don’t have any short names and they’re hardly Socialists.

  5. Well, maybe Labour should be called “the Socialists” or “the Socialist Party” nevertheless. Liberal Democrats can’t prevent their opponents calling them Liberal, actually I think that showing the irritation you feel may just incite them.

  6. Bromley’s Conservative Council still insist on refering to us as “The Liberal Group”.

    I presume that makes them the illiberal group!

  7. I feel it right to play devil’s advocate for a moment alongside Anonymous’ comment about one’s adversaries choosing one’s name…

    We are liberals and we are democrats. Neither are insults in and of themselves. The Prime Minister’s use of the contraction seems more to show a lack of understanding of the matter on his part, rather than the (perhaps intended) suggestion that the LibDems aren’t worth consideration.

    While I’m at it – the correct name for the current government is New Labour – a right-of-centre party (probably more correctly called New Conservatives) – not Labour, a left-of-centre party that is now long-forgotten save for some old die-hards in recent years (John “Punchy” Prescott being the most notable in my mind). The cynic in me suspects that New Labour does not mind the misuse of their old moniker, as it allows them to grasp onto their socialist roots with their present conservative existence. It appears to work, if the Northern votes are anything to go by…

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