Posted by: John | October 17, 2007

Huhne vs Clegg – Current situation

Let’s see where we stand at the moment –

Technology – Huhne is ahead as Clegg seems to just have a nominating site against Huhne whose is properly up and running.

Tories – they seem to be more scared of Clegg than Huhne

My vote will go to the person whom i think will do the following three things:

1. Lead the party by persuasion and ,building on Ming’s work, to say the unsayable and to complete the reforms of the internal party

2. Creating from that a policy narrative that stands head and shoulders above the other two main parties

3. Stand up to Brown in Parliament – not just with words but by EFFECTIVELY doing so in an intelligent yet militant in-yer-face way. This is not the time to be `non-offensive`.

In six months time we need old Joe and Joanna Soap to be able to say in ten seconds what the Lib Dems stand for and how they perceive us.


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